4 Costly Effects of Water Damage in Your Home

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There are many potential incidents that can cause water damage. Busted pipes, faulty washing machines and leaky roofs are just a few of the many potential causes of water damage. Whatever the source of water damage in your home in the Chelsea, MI, area, the consequences are likely the same. To minimize the destruction of water damage and restore the integrity of your home, call Gateway Restoration, Inc.

If your home in the Chelsea, Michigan area including Ann Arbor and Jackson has suffered water damage, call Gateway Restoration before these costly effects of water damage can fully set in:


General damage

Water damage to your home in the Chelsea, MI, area can destroy flooring, drywall and other aesthetic and structural components.


Furniture damage

Prolonged exposure to water will ruin most furniture. Upholstered pieces and rugs are especially vulnerable to water damage.


Foundation damage

Water seeping down into your foundation can cause soil below the footing to erode, which can result in foundation cracking and shifting.


Home value depreciation

Signs of water damage are enough to make even the most eager buyer skeptical. Protect the value of your Chelsea, MI, home with water damage restoration.

You can also rely on Gateway Restoration for fire and smoke damage restoration

Fire damage restoration in Chelsea, Jackson & Ann Arbor, MI

The soot of fire and the smell of smoke can linger long after the flames have gone out. Rely on Gateway Restoration to clean, remove and restore areas of your home in the Chelsea, MI, area that have been affected by smoke and fire damage. Call today for a free consultation regarding smoke and fire restoration services for your home in Chelsea, MI, and other areas between Ann Arbor and Jackson.

Gateway Restoration also offers services for wind and storm damage restoration. Call today to have an expert assess the damage and work with your insurance company to secure your home from further damage and repair affected areas quickly and effectively.

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Flood damage restoration also available in Ann Arbor and Jackson, MI

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